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Our good friend Robert runs a cool blog (NWShoegazing) where he keeps his finger on the pulse of a lot of things gazey and psychedelic. He was kind enough to include us on his latest comp along with Stellarium, Dead Sea Colour, and Lux. You can also search around for his other comps which are quite good to download and discover new stuff.

Link to the Compilation page

The contributors are a mix of friends old and (I hope) new. I’ve known Jake (J. Sequential of Screen Vinyl Image) and Az (Stellarium) for years, but have only recently become acquainted with Dead Sea Colour and Lux. Cous, my unofficial (as in unpaid) talent-spotter, brought Dead Sea Colour to my attention several weeks ago, and Lux is one of those nuggets that turn up just often enough to keep me sifting through the mislabeled silt found in such abundance on the Bandcamp Shoegaze page.

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