Pre-Order 51:21

We’re now taking pre-orders for 51:21 which will be shipping out on Feb 5. Orders can be made at Bandcamp and upon ordering you’ll get a full download of the album. Pre-Order Here

The cassette is yellow tinted, comes shrink-wrapped, and we only pressed 100 so once they’re gone, they’re gone!



And here’s a recent review for 51:21 from Little Lost Classics

If New Order and Jesus and Mary Chain were genetically crossed, it would result in something close to what is the double of Screen Vinyl Image from VirginiaClose, but not exactly. ‘

Thus begins the text on Strange behavior, the latest release of the duo Jake and Kim, dated December 2011. And these words, and other gifts for the rest of that post, could repeat itself here and now, in the beginning of 2013 to talk about 51:21, the SVI new album.. I mean, not so new.

The album of 08 tracks coming out officially in cassette format in early February bears the reissue of the first EP and the band’s sensational, The midnight sun, a single recorded in 2010 but never released (Too much speed / Stay asleep in the original version, not the one that appears in Strange behavior) and the title track, an instrumental jam session of 32 minutes made ​​by the duo – with all the paraphernalia that had the right during a presentation on Halloween 2012.

So for those who are accustomed to Screen Vinyl Image Music, 51:21 except the song of the same name, experimental from beginning to end, with one or two breaks to breathe’ is not exactly a novelty. It’s psychedelic, dark, full of loud guitars and danceable electronic beats, somewhere between New Order and the Jesus and Mary Chain and has The midnight sun”, a track from 2007 that blind’ would quietly as an unheard of My Bloody valentine.