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Past Shows


Aug 1
Rock and Roll Hotel, Washington DC
Dead Fame (Richmond VA), Pleasure Curses, Motion Lines

June 21
The Pinch, Washington DC
Silo Halo, Ars Phoenix, No Paris

June 1
Death By Audio, New York NY
York Factory Complaint, No Paris

March 23
Plaza Del Sol, Norfolk VA
Nightmare Air, Ceremony, Last Remaining Pinnacle


Dec 12
Black Cat, Washington DC
The Vacant Lots, Old Silent Mountain

Oct 21
Spacebar, Falls Church VA
Halloween Synth Set

Oct 20
Ding Dong Lounge, New York, NY
Ringo Deathstarr, Dead Leaf Echo, Brief Candles

Oct 5
SOVA, Washington DC
Fell Types, Nervous Curtains

Aug 27
Galaxy Hut, Arlington VA
Avoxblue, Andre Obin

Aug 26
Big Snow, Brooklyn NY
Avoxblue, Andre Obin

Aug 20
Black Cat, Washington DC
Airiel, Dot Dash

Aug 19
Strange Matter, Richmond VA
Dead Fame, Airiel

Aug 18
Cake Shop – NYC
Airiel, The Stargazer Lilies

July 27
Big Snow, Brooklyn NY
Avoxblue, Luxa, DJ’s Dead Leaf Echo, Frankie Teardrop

July 20
Capital Fringe Fest, Washington DC
Adam Lempel

May 26
Artomatic, Washington DC
Lorelei, Silo Halo

May 4 / Sat May 5
Deep Heaven Now Fest, Boston MA

April 21
St Stephens – WARL Benefit, Washington DC
LTW, Washerwoman, Lenorable

April 2
Galaxy Hut, Arlington VA

March 31
Pianos New York NY
Bloody Knives, Me You Us Them

March 30
Fuzz Factory / Inciting, Philadelphia PA
Bloody Knives, Music for Headphones, Deardarkhead

March 29
Jewish Mother Backstage, Norfolk VA
Bloody Knives, Last Remaining Pinnacle

March 28
Kings Barcade, Raleigh NC
Bloody Knives, White Cascade

March 9
Velvet Lounge, Washington DC
The Foreign Resort, Last Remaining Pinnacle, Teething Veils

March 7
Talking Head, Baltimore MD
Me You Us Them, Dead Mellotron

Feb 10
CD Cellar, Washington DC
Foul Swoops, Insect Factory

Jan 18
Black Cat, Washington DC
Ceremony, Silo Halo

Jan 14
The Wind Up Space, Baltimore MD
Of the West, USSA Pleasuredome, The Expanding man


Dec 2
Velvet Lounge, Washington DC
Pilesar, Love Culture

Nov 21
Galaxy Hut, Arlington VA
Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor

Oct 22
Comet Ping Pong, Washington DC
Golden Awesome, Street Chant

Oct 1
Static Bliss – A Night of Shoegaze, Asheville, NC
The Stargazer Lilies, Last Remaining Pinnacle, The Sunshine Factory

Sept 24
SOVA, Washington DC
Silo Halo, Hot Cha Cha, Summer People

Sept 23
37 and Zen, Virginia Beach, VA
Hot Cha Cha, Summer People

Sept 1
Art Museum of the Americas, Art After Dark Concert, Washington DC

Aug 27
Mishka New York, NY
Puerto Rico Flowers, Pleasure Leftists

Aug 10
Black Cat, Washington DC
The Prids, Brief Candles

July 15
St Stephens Church, Washington DC
Last Tide, Dead Leaf Echo, Slowness

June 9
Uncapped, Washington DC
Martial Canterel, Phonic Riot

June 8
Wierd, New York NY

June 4
Bella II, Washington DC
Sweet Tea Pumpkin Pie

May 26
The Strutt, Kalamazoo MI

May 25
Darkroom, Chicago IL
Bliss City East, Love Culture

May 24
Now Thats Class, Cleveland OH
Hot Cha Cha, How To Breathe Underwater

May 23
Treehouse, Columbus OH
Airwaves, Love Culture

May 22
YNot3 Milwaukee WI
Brief Candles

May 21
Smalls, Detroit MI
Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor, Fur, The Wire Eyes

May 20
414 Basement Psych Grand Rapids MI
Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor, Haunted Leather

May 14
Plaza Del Sol, Norfolk VA
Ceremony, Last Remaining Pinnacle, Pan Galactic Straw Boss

April 28
DC9, Washington DC
Tone, Gray Young

April 14
Sonar, Baltimore MD
Spectrum, Asteroid No4

April 9
WMUC 88.1FM, College Park, MD

April 4
Galaxy Hut, Arlington VA

March 12
Artisphere, Arlington VA
The Plums, Buildings, Delgado

Feb 11
Strathmore Mansion, Bethesda MD
Daddy Lion, Bellflur


January 9
Barnone, Virginia Beach, VA, Screen Vinyl Image, Adam Franklin (Swervedriver), Seasonscollide

January 17
Velvet Lounge, Washington DC, w/ Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor, Teething Veils, Scrap Heap

Feb 26
Velvet Lounge, Washington DC, W/ Dead Leaf Echo, Ceremony, Last Tide

Feb 27
Barnone, Virginia Beach, VA, W/ Dead Leaf Echo, Pan Am Down

Thr March 4
Knitting Factory Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY, W/ Outpost (Mem of Ike Yard, Live Skull, Holy Ghost)
Ceremony, 999999999

Fri March 5
Metro Gallery, Thrushes Nightfalls Release Show, Baltimore, MD, W/ Thrushes, Jack Chick, The Sugarplums

April 23-25
Austin Psych Fest 3, The Mohawk, Austin, TX

Sat May 1
The Warehouse, SVI Remix Release Party, Last Remaining Pinnacle, Debris Amour (mem of Moutheater), Pan Galactic Straw Boss, and Kingdom Of Sharks

Sat May 8
Basement Speakeasy, Arlington VA, Pan Galactic Straw Boss, SVI, Night and the City (Debut show!)

Thr May 13
Velvet Lounge, Washington DC, Spectrum, Screen Vinyl Image, The Vacant Lots, Kusehty Rye Ergot

Thr June 17
U Street Music Hall, Washington DC, w/ Ceremony and Soundpool

Fri June 18
Fatty Js, Fredericksburg, VA, w/ Ceremony and Soundpool

Sat June 19
Warehouse, Norfolk VA, w/ Ceremony, Soundpool, The Sky Drops


December 17
Red & Black, Washington DC, Nightmare Air

December 12
Aloft, New York, NY, Soundpool, Nightmare Air, Dead Leaf Echo, Luxa

December 5
We Fought The Big One Presents:
Velvet Lounge, Washington DC, Outpost, The Plums, Blue Sausage Infant

December 4
Sidebar, Baltimore, MD, Forks of Ivy, Seedy Seeds, Dry Clouds

November 9
Shindaita Fever, Tokyo, Japan, Ceremony, Eskimohunter, My Dead Girlfriend, Caucus, Burrn

November 7
Nishiazabu Bullets, Tokyo, Japan, Ceremony, Eskimohunter, Oeil, Mizuumi, Hour Musik

November 6
Kouenji UFO Club, Tokyo, Japan, Ceremony, Eskimohunter, fukuro, sugardrop, kasusito, luveless

November 5
Shinokubo Earthbom, Tokyo, Japan, Ceremony, Eskimohunter, Lemon’s Chair, Obscure

October 27
Bar None, Virginia Beach, VA, Ceremony, Ringo Deathstarr, The Sky Drops

October 18
The Khyber Bar, Philadelphia, PA, Ringo Deathstarr, The Tweeds, Voluntary Mother Earth

October 9-10
Bar None, Virginia Beach, VA, Screen Vinyl Image, The Sky Drops, Pan Galactic Straw Boss, Ultra Cindy, More

September 13
WMUC Third Rail Radio, College Park, MD, w/ Last Tide, Flying Eyes 2

September 10
Public Assembly, Brooklyn NY, w/ Telltale, Religious to Damn, Young Boys, Libel

August 29
Mishka NYC Fall Premiere Show, Vice /  Colt 45, 
Glasslands Brooklyn, NY, Lemonade, Nick Catchdubs, Lauren Flax

August 22
Kalamashoegazer Fest
, Kalmazoo, MI
, w/ Glowfriends, The Sky Drops, Brief Candles, Gospel Gossip, Olympus Mons, Crash City Saints

August 21
The Belmont
, Detroit, MI
, w/ Sik Sik Nation, Pewter Cub, The Sky Drops

August 20
The Smiling Moose, 
Pittsburgh, PA, 
w/ Olympus Mons, The Sky Drops, The Lonely Hills of Western Penna

August 15
Innocence & Arrogance Art Opening Arabella Proffer (Elephant Stone Records)
National Harbor, MD
DJ Sets by SVI and DJ Rick Taylor (We Fought The Big One

August 9
Velvet Lounge, Washington DC, w/ Space Tigers (Ex-Alcian Blue!) and Oblisk

July 29
The Annex, New York, NY, Violet Hour, Young Boys, Left Coast

July 19
Barnone, Virginia Beach, VA, w/ The Water, TBA

July 18
Basement Speakeasy, Night of a 1000 Suns Fest, Arlington, VA, w/ The Water, Teething Veils, Ars Phoenix, And More

July 17
Velvet Lounge, Washington DC, w/ The Water, BLDGS, Cobalt

Vanishing Point: Public Assembly, Brooklyn, NY, W/ Soundpool, the Vandelles, Telltale, Soren Well, DJ Invisible Kid

Ghost Print Gallery, Richmond, VA, W/ Ceremony, Amp Mutations

The Monkey House, Winooski, VT, w/ The Vacant Lots

Club NME at Annex, New York, NY, W/ The Vandelles, The Vacant Lots, Black Horse

Black Cat, Washington DC, W/ I Was A King

Choking on Cufflinks w/ Michael G, WFMU 91.1 FM, Jersey City, NJ, Ceremony

Trash Bar, Brooklyn, NY, Telltale, TBA

Bar None, Virginia Beach, VA, Constrictor, Lord By Fire, Outrageous Rhinosaurus

The Metro Gallery, Baltimore, MD, W/ Ceremony and The Water

Vanishing Point, Brooklyn, NY, Ceremony, TBA

Velvet Lounge, Washington DC, DNA Test Fest (Link To Line Up Soon)

Basement Speakeasy, Arlington, VA, Teething Veils, We Are Hex

Fontanas, New York, NY, Luxa, TBA

Octataro, West Chester, PA, Luxa, Ports of Call

M Room, Philadelphia, PA, Luxa, Ports of Call

Velvet Lounge, Washington DC, Luxa, Ports of Call

88.1 WMUC Third Rail Radio, Univ of MD, W/ Teething Veils

Macrock Festival @ Artful Dodger, Harrisonburg, VA, W/ Ceremony

Sollys (11th and U NW), Washington DC, John Foster, Sad Crocodile, Patrick Kigongo (Ra Ra Rasputin)

Basement Speakeasy Arlington, VA, W/ The Vandelles, Ringo Deathstarr, Averikiou

The Boot, Norfolk, VA, W/ Ceremony, Averikiou

Marx Cafe, We Fought The Big One (DJ Sets)

Pianos NYC w/The Vandelles, AUDN, The Invisible Kid (DJ), Stephan C (dj), Lauren Andino (dj)

Velvet Lounge DC w/Sik Sik Nation, The Payola Reserve


Velvet Lounge, Washington DC, w/ 28 Degrees Taurus / Teething Veils

Velvet Lnge, Washington DC, w/A Sunny Day In Glasgow, The Offering, Twin Earth

Velvet Lounge, Washington DC, W/Julie Ocean (ex-velocity girl)

Soundpool CD relse, Aloft, New York, NY w/ December Sound, Dead Leaf Echo, Virgo Loves Cancer, DJ Timmy G

Khyber, Philadelphia, PA, w/ December Sound & Music For Headphones

Tap House, Norfolk VA,  W/ CEREMONY

Galaxy Hut, Arlington, VA, w/ Teething Veils

Trash Bar, Brooklyn, NY w/The Soundscapes, December Sound, Dead Leaf Echo, Movie

The Oasis, New Haven CT,  w/ Suicide Dolls & December Sound

Great Scott, Boston MA,  w/ Static of the Gods, 28 Degrees Taurus, December Sound

ART-O-MATIC, Washington DC, w/ Teething Veils

Velodrome, Washington DC, @ Selam

Union Hall, Brooklyn, NY, w/ Ulrich Schnauss, Auburn Lull & Luxa

TT the Bears, Boston MA, w/Ulrich Schnauss, Auburn Lull, Luxa, The December Sound

Velvet Lounge, Washington DC, w/ Ulrich Schnauss, Auburn Lull, Luxa

Metro Gallery, Baltimore MD, w/ Ulrich Schnauss, Auburn Lull, Luxa

The Boot, Norfolk VA, w/ Ceremony

Velvet Lounge, Washington DC, w/ Realicide & Abiku

Death By Audio, Brooklyn NY, w/ Thunders & Sisters

Cake Shop, New York, NY W/ Thunders & Pink Reason

M Room, Philadelphia PA, w/ Thunders & Music For Headphones

Talking Head, Baltimore MD, w/ Oblisk, Sawhorse, The Water

Metro Gallery, Baltimore MD, w/The Water, Monocle

Velvet Lounge, Washington DC, w/Black Nite Crash, The Tennis System

Rehab, New York NY, (CMJ showcase) w/Soundpool, Luxa, Dead Leaf Echo, Monocle, Phillip Eno

Lit Lounge, New York NY, w/ AUDN, Tell Tale, Ports of Call

Basement Speakeasy, Arlington VA, w/ The Antiques

Vanishing Point, Brooklyn NY, w/ Project Skyward, The Invisible Kid


Black Cat, Washington DC, w/ Output Message & Great Northern

Red & Black Bar, Washington DC, w/ Teething Veils & We Are Hex (IN)

Mill Creek, Philadelphia PA, w/ Music for Headphones

Crashin In, Brooklyn NY, @ Galapogas w/A Place To Bury Strangers

Now That’s Class, Cleveland OH, w/ Colorforms

Fake Jazz Dance Night @ Club Level, Indianapolis IN, W/ We Are Hex + DJ’s

The Gypsy Hut, Cinncinatti OH, w/ 1000 ARMS

Pearl Nite Club, Dayton OH, w/Eat Sugar/Yummy Fight/Area Code

Ronny’s Bar, Chicago IL, w/ The Countdown & The Joans Band

611 Florida Ave, Washington DC, w/ The Antiques & Foreign Elfest

Velvet Lounge, Washington DC, w/ The Suicide Dolls

Trash Bar, Brooklyn NY, w/ NA+AN / SoundOfMissiles /JimmyAnderson

Meridian Coffee, Williamsburg VA, w/ THE OFFERING!!! + More

Velvet Lounge, Washington DC, w/ Sunsplit, The Sky Drops, The Mantras

Metro Gallery, Baltimore MD, w/ The Sky Drops, Thrushes, & Kisskill Destroyer

Walls of Soundfes, Fredericksburg VA w/ The Sky Drops, Ceremony, Thrushes, A Place To Bury Strangers, Kisskill Destroyer +More

Bobby Fisher Memorial Building, Washington DC, w/STEVE SUMMERS & Emerge & Death Commando

Black Cat, Washington DC, w/ Ceremony (CD Release)

Metro Gallery, Baltimore MD, w/ Output Message & Life in Bed

Galaxy Hut, Arlington VA, w/ The Offering

Europa, Brooklyn NY, w/ Ulrich Schnauss/Skyward/Monocle/Elika